Janus recognises that professionals experience many challenges in the workplace.  In this time of austerity the need to generate business and perform well is paramount.  However, increased pressure and demand can affect professionals in a number of ways, and test their personal stress management skills.  Often professionals can resort to alcohol or drugs, illicit or prescribed, as a way to relieve stress.  Janus Day Programme offers support to professionals who wish to explore their drug or alcohol use and find new coping strategies.

Janus Day Programme offers:

  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Therapeutic Counselling  
  • Groups
  • Aftercare

Where a professional working person is unable to get time off work to engage with the day programme, we offer bespoke interventions through the following mediums:

  • Individual meetings
  • Telephone counselling
  • Skype counselling

Janus welcomes contact through whichever medium is most convenient in order to make access as easy as possible for the busy professional.  We can offer a flexible and responsive service that fits in with individual schedules including evenings and weekends.  

  • Very competitive rates
  • Venues around London
  • Confidentiality
  • Open 7 days a week 8am to 8pm Mon - Fri, and 10am to 5pm Sat - Sun
  • No waiting list
  • Programme of varying lengths
  • Personal Trainer 
  • Complementary therapies
  • Therapeutic Counselling
  • Groups
  • Aftercare