Services for Organisations


Organisations are faced with the impact of drug and alcohol dependency every day in particular through lost work days. Many organisations may not have policies in place that protect both themselves and their staff, when a problem is suspected or identified.  This can have costly and lengthy implications for both parties, and so organisations that have policies in place that cater for treatment for staff will be better placed.  This investment in the workforce can be cost effective and timely for organisations as well as informing the workforce of the organisations’ efficiency.  

Human Resources and Occupation Health Services may be asked to train managers to be able to detect and address drug and alcohol use with their staff.  This can be a difficult conversation and so the manager must be skilled enough to engage the member of staff in an honest discourse and consider that it may be the first time the individual has spoken about it.  Janus can offer support in the following areas: 


  • Developing Policies
  • Developing Procedures
  • Training Managers
  • Developing Referral Pathways



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