About Us

Janus Solutions is an independent training company that was set up to deliver training that was dynamic and innovative. It translated theory into practice and is experiential in its delivery.

The two trainers, each with over 20 years of experience in the field and disillusioned by ‘powerpoint’, decided that Janus Solutions training would be interactive and create an environment that allowed the participants to explore the way they work with clients.

Since 1999, Janus has trained professionals across many disciplines, including youth workers, drug workers, substance misuse specialists, doctors, nurses and psychologists, and has gained a reputation for delivering informative and qualitative training.

Whilst delivering the training, the partners came across many workers who consistently complained of having to change the way they worked due to the demands for quantitative evidence eg. TOPs compliance, NDTMS data, targets for new clients and those completing treatment drug free. 


These additional demands on the worker, whatever the discipline has left many, especially new workers, feeling deskilled.  The Recovery Agenda has also impacted the workers skill base as their experience becomes generic. Workers discuss the lack of time and skill they have to properly work with the client and their drug use.

With this in mind, the two partners decided to re-enter service delivery, but they were clear, they wanted to create a service that addressed the issues raised, and decided to find a team that had the same vision and philosophy on client focus. They wanted the new team to be qualified and experienced with a vision of treatment that allowed the client to access their expertise. The Janus partnership increased to six people who created the Janus Day Programme.  More information is available on this website.

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