Janus Solutions is the training arm of Janus. It has extensive experience of working within the field of substance misuse.  Ours is a unique and imaginative training company. 

Our desire to train initially came out of an observation that cocaine users were note being offered an equitable service by substance misuse services. As we   we developed our training company we found that our approach and ideas to with regard to working with cocaine users were easily transferrable to all drug users, including alcohol users. Consequently we developed a variety of experiential training packages that include crack cocaine, cocaine powder users, generic substance misuse, alcohol misuse, group work, diversity, transition management and organisational development.


As a consequence since 1999 Janus training has become widely known throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland and we have delivered training to literally thousands of professionals at all levels including drug and alcohol counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, alternative therapists and family members affected by a loved one’s drug use.

Our increased exposure to services left us concerned about the level of skill and knowledge informing the interventions used with drug users.  Initially this concern led to us writing the book: “Crack Cocaine: The Open Door". Later we felt we needed to develop an approach that was more reflective of all types of drug use.  As a consequence we are currently writing our follow up book: “The Resonance factor”, showing workers how to focus their drug intervention work on the powerful relationship the client has with their drug/s of choice.  This of course includes alcohol