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 Mission Statement

Janus Enterprise offers support and services to those who have been affected by substance misuse, social exclusion and marginalisation.  Our objective is to encourage self development, community reintegration and ultimately employment, enabling them to have a positive role in their own community.

Janus Social Enterprise helps to build capacity in the community to reduce the negative impact of drugs and offending behaviour.

  About the Social Enterprise

Janus is committed to working with service users throughout their treatment and beyond.  Our aim is to create a supportive and nurturing environment for service users who have achieved abstinence and wish to maintain it.

This 'Recovery Community' allows service users to build relationships outside of treatment and engenders a sense of belonging to something that is safe, where honest feedback is given and where conflicts mirror life and rehearsals can take place.

This service is open to those who have been through the Janus Day Programme, the Aftercare Programme or another programme, and remain abstinent.

Programme Content:

  • ·         Access to groups 4 times a week
  • ·         Networking and social events
  • ·         Access to counselling at a reduced rate
  • ·         Access to complementary therapy at a reduced rate 
  • ·         Continued access to Education Training and Employment        resources

 The service takes self-referrals and referrals from   organisations.