Janus Solutions  provides a variety of training packages to community groups and organisations. All the workshops are experiential in nature, as Janus believes that experience is the greatest teacher. The training supports the worker to translate theory into practice, in order to better understand drug using behaviour and so be able to better communicate with the client. This lies at the heart of the Janus approach. Workshop participants are asked to explore their own work styles and the approaches they use. The workshops aim to energise and engage the participants to work in this exciting, diverse and fascinating field.

Janus has delivered training to thousands of workers in the UK and Ireland since its inceptions, and continues to do so. Feedback from participants suggests that workers feel more empowered and connected with their clients as well as feeling more confident in focusing on the drug use rather than the many surrounding issues that can often detract from the presenting issue. Participants often return to Janus for further training after their first experience.

Our training:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Opiate use
  • Generic Drug Use
  • Group Work
  • The Resonance Factor
  • Diversity
  • Engaging the client